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12 Signs the Good Ol’ Days of Sports Are Gone

By Laura Depta On April - 27 - 2015
Ah, the good ol’ days, when taking your family to a game didn’t require a second mortgage and an NBA star’s dental work was not considered big news. What are the good ol’ days, exactly? You know, just…back then. Back then, before technology blew up and the Internet made sports news accessible 'round the clock. Some things in sports are just different now—for better or for worse, well, that’s a matter of opinion. The following 12 signs indicate a changing of the sports landscape. Some changes are more significant than others, but all serve as reminders that the good ol' days can’t ...
Todd Gurley's suspension last season for putting his autograph on merchandise for a dealer to sell has inspired a new bill that was passed by the Georgia Senate on Tuesday.    According to Walter C. Jones and Fletcher Page of The St. Augustine Record, the bill is designed to punish the sports dealers "who tempt college athletes to risk their eligibility" by signing merchandise:  House Bill 3 bears the same number as University of Georgia’s former star running back Todd Gurley, who had to sit out four games last season for selling his autograph to a dealer in violation of NCAA rules. According to ...

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