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Why is it that Jacoby Ellsbury and Rajon Rondo are subject to more trade rumors than a Bernie Madoff scheme?

Why are the two most dynamic players in Boston treated with less respect than Boston gives to Whitey Bulger?

Two Boston stars, so similar in their team impact, also share the disaffection of many fans.

We begin to wonder why Rondo and Ellsbury are targets of a conspiracy to send them packing.

Bloggers on Red Sox and Celtics websites always fall back to their favorite tune: trade Rondo, or trade Ellsbury.

What have they done to be branded with a Scarlet Letter bigger than the one forced on Hester Prynne in Olde Salem Towne before witchcraft became the rage?

Boston seems awful particular about who will be crowned with a star on the walkway of ducklings on the Common.

Ellsbury and Rondo were selected to their respective sports All-Star teams, but that seems cold comfort to the two leading players who must endure more snakebites than a mongoose.


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