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The Many Ways Athletes Travel in Style

By Amber Lee On July - 14 - 2015
For most of us, traveling anywhere beyond a few miles is almost guaranteed to be an absolute nightmare, at least after a certain age. That age obviously isn’t fixed, but ultimately the world keeps delivering body blows until everyone is a miserable shell of their former selves. Even the most enthusiastic travelers will eventually be worn down by traffic jams, know-nothing cab drivers, tarmac delays, crying babies, lost luggage and the seemingly endless number of horrible people employed by the airline industry. That’s to say nothing about the cost associated with all of that, which is always a concern when money is definitely ...
Female athletics have risen to the forefront lately with the United States women's soccer team winning a World Cup and Serena Williams putting together another great run at Wimbledon.    Williams, along with many of her fellow female tennis players, discussed some of the personal and professional difficulties they have faced throughout their careers as it pertains to their body image. Speaking to Ben Rothenberg of the New York Times, Williams talked about how she struggled for a long time with how to exercise and the way she looked: I don't touch a weight, because I'm already super fit and super cut, and if ...
On Tuesday, Phil Knight announced that he will be stepping down as the chairman of Nike in 2016. That news might not have made such massive waves across the sports world if not for Sonny Vaccaro. The 75-year-old basketball impresario played a pivotal part in transforming Nike from a track shoe business run out of the trunk of Knight's Plymouth Valiant into the world's pre-eminent sports apparel brand. It was Vaccaro, the founder of the Dapper Dan Roundball Classic in his native Pittsburgh, who exposed Knight to the opportunities inherent in hoops. In 1984, Knight and Vaccaro signed Michael Jordan to his ...

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