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The Gary Deberry Theory Can be Applied to Milton Bradley

By Ryne E. Hancock On August - 28 - 2009
Ever knew the guy in high school who had all the talent, all the girls, and scholarships from all corners of the country, yet he blows it by doing something stupid?

In high school, I remember a couple of those guys, one was a guy by the name of Gary DeBerry, who at last check was working in the Wal-Mart in Whitehaven on Highway 51 and Holmes Road, who had God-given talent but screwed it up by being a douchebag.

Maybe Milton Bradley was one of those guys in high school that had an inferiority complex because he shared his name with a famous board game company and as he got older, he took that angst out at every stop in his major league career.

Before the 2004 season started, Bradley got into an altercation with Cleveland manager Eric Wedge, only to see that tantrum send him packing to Los Angeles, where he helped the Dodgers win the 2004 NL West title, only to see again his temper get the best of him by getting into with a fan and throwing a fit after being ejected from a game and traded from the Dodgers to Oakland, where he would be a part of another postseason team that would get swept by the Tigers in the ALCS.

So if you&rsq...

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