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The 10 Biggest Under-the-Radar Schmucks in Sports

By Alex Callos On August - 5 - 2010
The definition of a schmuck is someone who does a stupid thing. A schmuck's behavior ranges from pesky and inconsiderate to obnoxious and manipulative. While some schmucks carefully plan their bad behavior, for some it is unplanned and unforgivable. In honor of the new movie Dinner for Schmucks staring Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd, here is a list of the ten biggest under-the-radar schmucks in sports.Begin Slideshow

The 10 “Stupidest” Sports on ESPN

By Alex Callos On August - 2 - 2010
The ESPN family of networks has been a large part of my life growing up and will certainly continue to play a big role in the years to come. Simply put, the networks have it all. They cover anything and everything that is sports. But sometimes, they seem to go a little too far. Maybe they get a little greedy, or maybe these shows really do pull good ratings. Either way they don't make any sense. Here is a list of the stupidest sports on ESPN.Begin Slideshow
Over the years, the video game systems have evolved into something most of us never dreamed possible. Each year new technology makes the gameplay seem more and more real. Over the past 30 years, video games have come a long way. From the old Atari, to Nintendo all the way to XBox 360 and Playstation 3, kids these days love their video games. Without question the best types of games are sports games, and over the past 30 years a few of these games have changed video gaming forever. Here is a list of the 10 most groundbreaking sports video games of all ...
Over the years, the role of athlete has grown to more than just playing a sport. Athletes of today have become multi-dimensional, stepping into fields such as music and acting. Saturday Night Live has been known to have the occasional athlete host. While some are more successful than others, very few can truly pull it off. In honor of 'Golden Girl' Betty White hosting SNL last weekend, here is a list of the top ten athletes who we would like to see host SNL. Begin Slideshow

The 25 Worst Jerseys in Sports History

By Alex Callos On May - 9 - 2010
While many experts have questioned the Denver Broncos selection of Tim Tebow in the first round, there is no doubt the Broncos have gotten their money's worth in jersey sales. In recent weeks the No. 10 Tebow jersey has become the all-time top selling jersey for an NFL rookie. Over the years loyal fans from all sports show their support by purchasing their teams jersey. No matter the record or the players, true fans support their team no matter what. For some teams over the years it has become rather difficult for fans to support their teams. Not because of their record, ...

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