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Now just over a week after the Inez Sainz incident with the New York Jets the two sides, as well as uninterested third parties, seem to have agreed that the situation should be treated simply as a situation in which both parties were in the wrong, so we should all just move on.I'm sorry, but are you kidding me?  Both parties were in the wrong?I find this a little hard to stomach.Begin Slideshow
In a year in which Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter have struggled to live up to their own standards, Robinson Cano has become the star of the New York Yankees offense, combining excellent hitting and solid defense at second base and establishing himself as one of the elite players in the American League.Not bad for a guy whose dad, former Astros pitcher Jose Cano, posted an ERA over 5.00 during his only major league season.Jose Cano is just one in a long list of professional athletes who have been significantly over-shadowed by a son, brother, or father during their careers. ...

50 Worst Ideas in Sports History

By Asher B. Chancey On July - 26 - 2010
LeBron James has taken a considerable amount of flak for his lack of loyalty, lack of etiquette, and lack of tact in announcing to the world during a one hour primetime special that he was leaving Cleveland to sign with the Miami Heat. So where does ESPN's one hour primetime LeBron special, entitled "The Decision," rank amongst the Top 50 Worst Ideas in the History of Sports? Let's take a look.Begin Slideshow
We've all heard the phrase "Trophy Wife," and we all know what it means. A Trophy Wife is a totally hot wife that a rich and successful man gets to have, not based on any sort of interpersonal connection, but rather based on the premise that a rich and successful man should have a totally hot wife. She is his trophy. Professional sports are filled, of course, with Trophy Wives, but in the case of some athletes, it is difficult to figure out what the trophy is awarding. Here's a look at the Top 25 Incredibly Hot Women Married to Incredibly Ordinary ...

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