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Little League World Series: Today’s Hitters Have Evolved

By Brandon Moor On August - 25 - 2010
ESPN’s Baseball Tonight raised an expected query this evening pertaining to the Little League World Series. Do the walls need to be pushed back? By the looks of things, today’s participants turn out to be stuffing themselves silly with box after box of Wheaties. That’s a good thing…it's healthy. From home plate to the wall, the field dimensions run 225 feet from foul pole to foul pole. If you’ve followed the Little League World Series over the years, the longevity of each home run have extended from barely clearing the wall to blasting senior league missiles up to the top of the hill or hopping ...

Fat Risks, Slim Benefits

By Brandon Moor On August - 5 - 2010
Re-aired on July 29, 2010, ESPN’s Outside the Lines presented a story over a longstanding debate between metal bats and wood bats. The original story aired June 11, 2010 on OTL. Bjorn Sandberg’s near deadly encounter with a ball rocketed off of a metal bat added fuel to the fire. Sandberg himself was fortunate. He lived to tell the tale. Statements on the way a baseball jumps off of a metal bat compared to those cracking against a wood bat have long been at war with each other. Think about that for a few seconds. Is there an error in misguided common ...

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