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The 12 Greatest True Nicknames in Major League Baseball (1985-2010)

By Chad Waylon Pouncy On March - 13 - 2010
Major League Baseball has a rich history of nicknames, but not all nicknames are created equally. The league is currently flooded with lazy, uninspired nicknames that are, more accurately, abbreviations that hold no real meaning. Some, for instance A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) and Arm-Ram (Aramis Ramirez) are better left without meaning. Both monikers are better suited to something you would find in the adult section of the video store. Other nicknames are stretches or just sound ridiculous. Jimmy "J-Roll" Rollins comes to mind. To set some basic ground rules, this list is limited to players that have adopted their nicknames as ...
Previously we counted down the 10 best Jehri Curls in sports, now we move on to another endangered hairstyle, the Mullet. The style combines a short, typically clean-cut look in the front offset by free-flowing locks in the back. The phenomenon known as the Mullet was brought to the public's attention via the . The look has been sported by Billy Ray Cyrus (father of Mylie Cyrus and the "Achy Breaky") and, more recently, Kanye West ("I'm proud of the Mullet and I'm gonna this article finish, but Gucci Mane had one of the best hairdos of all-time). The Mullet also, by ...

Let Your Soul Glo: The 10 Best Jheri Curls in Sports History

By Chad Waylon Pouncy On September - 25 - 2009
Get out the activator and let your "Soul-Glo". From Michael Jackson to Ice Cube, the Jheri Curl played an important role in pop-culture dating back to the '70s on into '90s. It was invented by and named after hair innovator Jheri Redding. Shortly after the spitball was banned in baseball, Dock Ellis resorted to wearing curlers before game and unleashed his Jheri proudly during his days with the Kansas City Royals. He would drip activator on the ball for that extra touch he was missing. The shiny spiral look started to give way to the high-top fade and has slipped into ...

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