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Top 10 Unbreakable and Disgusting Competitive Eating Records

By Christopher Chavez On July - 3 - 2010
July 4th is coming up and the eating fest is just about to begin. Joey Chestnut is hoping to continue his glory at the Nathan's competition on Sunday. He holds several records in the sport, but some are just plain disgusting. Others just make you want to vomit by hearing the name of the food. Here are the worst of the worst...Begin Slideshow
Every few years there are a few players in baseball that excel in the sport. They may not have the best looks, but they help the team out. Then there are others that have ugly looks and cannot help the team out at all. Not even if their looks scare the hell out of the opposition. Team are just going to want to get rid of you if that is the case. In a sport like baseball, even the lowest paid player is making more than enough to get plastic surgery. But apparently that escaped some players, like Ezequiel Astacio. We ...
ESPN aired its weekly "30 for 30" documentary last night on the two Escobars of Colombia in the 90s. Colombia was in turmoil and its soccer team was what people looked forward to to distract them. It was a team built to win. They had all the talent and character necessary to take home the title. Pele called them his favorites to win the World Cup. In the end, they fell very short of meeting people's expectations. We now look at where some of the players from that 1994 team have gone.Begin Slideshow

Joe Buck Signs on to Do Broadcast of BP Oil Spill (Satire)

By Christopher Chavez On June - 4 - 2010
Fox has made a surprise decision and allowed one of their biggest sportscasters, Joe Buck, to sign a deal with BP and broadcast their live feed of the oil spill. Buck has been a broadcaster for several years and has brought life to television sets around the world when sports are on the air. Whether it is baseball or football or now even an oil spill, Joe Buck has got it covered. A spokesperson for BP said, "We have millions of people watching our live feed of the Gulf Coast oil spill, but there is no sound or means of entertainment. Joe ...
The Gulf of Mexico may never be the same again due to America's biggest oil spill. That is until a hero can step in and save the day. America needs a hero that works well with water. Who else is better than the world's best swimmer, Michael Phelps? BP has to get its act together. They recently asked whoever created a fake BP account on Twitter to take it down and stop mocking the oil spill. That says that a BP worker was on Twitter when he noticed someone making fun of their job. Aren't there bigger things to be concerned ...

The 10 Worst Track and Field Fails of All Time (with Video)

By Christopher Chavez On May - 10 - 2010
Track and Field is one of the oldest sports in the world and is still appreciated today. Usain Bolt may have been the one man that helped revive the sport by putting on a show at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. We all love Usain Bolt and there is nothing bad that we can say about the man, so lets take a moment to appreciate those that fell short. Sometimes literally, those that "Fell" short! This is the Top 10 Biggest Fails in Track and Field. Begin Slideshow

The Godsend: Looking at Some of the Best Roman Catholic Athletes

By Christopher Chavez On April - 6 - 2010
Throughout the years, there come several players that have been blessed with extra-ordinary talents. This slideshow will take a look at some of the best athletes in several sports that are Roman Catholic and embody their faith's values. Through their everyday actions most of these players see God in All things.Begin Slideshow

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