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City Stadium Profile | Philadelphia PA

By Collin Cooper On March - 30 - 2010
Welcome to the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. Once home to some of the most notorious sports facilities in the US, perhaps the world, it is now home to a handsome collection of stadiums, each with it's own flavor. And as a bonus, we are going to try and make it through this guide without mentioning that obligatory Philadelphia style sandwich. First pictured is Citizens Banks Park (I promise you will hear more about this place from us in the upcoming weeks). It's a great facility and unlike the rest of the sports teams in the town, has actually witnessed success ...

Green (LEED) Stadiums

By Collin Cooper On October - 20 - 2009
There are a lot of environmental buzz words going on right now...sustainability, Green and Climate Change, etc. Sure you hear these words all the time (mostly by politicians) but did you know that there are stadiums that have taken being environmentally responsible to a whole other level? Some of these stadiums have even been rated as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ) certified. Quite an accomplishment when you think about what goes on at a stadium; Parking, lights, concessions, construction materials... etc. The stadiums listed have either accomplished there LEED certification or are on pace to meet the criteria. Medlar Field at Lubrano Park ...

Revolutionary Stadiums

By Collin Cooper On September - 21 - 2009
Every so often as fans we are treated to a new stadium that promises to changes the way we look at the sporting world. Last night the Cowboys ushered in their state of the art, ultra flashy new digs. But will Cowboys Stadium be the stadium in which all new NFL stadiums built from here on in will be compared against? Did we usher in a new era of stadiums? Some times the stadiums hit it out of the park and start a revolution. There seemly have been an equal number of times that a promising stadium ends up being ...

The Top Five Upcoming Stadiums in Pro Sports

By Collin Cooper On May - 21 - 2009
These are the top 5 Stadiums that are currently being constructed. These facilities can consider themselves very lucky as they crept in right before the banking crisis. I have a feeling that we will not see many stadiums come online after these 5 open so enjoy them. Three of these stadiums kept their respected teams (Penguins, Marlins & Twins) in town. The other two stadiums are over the top in luxury amenities. While Luxurys are great, they don't alway equal a great new stadium.

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