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A Sound, Song and Symphony of Freedom: Tribute to Lenora “Doll” Carter

By Damali Ebun Foluke Binta YAEL On April - 17 - 2010
She was older and taller than I am, and so much smarter than many in her circle of contacts. She owned a newspaper. Most of us held a job. Lenora "Doll" Carter is her name. Her life is being celebrated on this weekend, April 17. Her life spans the years when young American journalists sought to have a sound, song and symphony of freedom. Her newspaper told the stories of the Sixties; it chimed the progress of the Seventies and Eighties. Now the Forward Times newspaper shares the musical notes of journalism that make up the symphony of opinions and articles that flow through both the press and the internet. Lenora "Doll" Carter's life ...

Oakland Raiders QB: What Happened to Eldridge Dickey?

By Damali Ebun Foluke Binta YAEL On April - 16 - 2010
Let's just say that being in the right place, at the right time is a powerful, positive factor in the careers of some people. Have you wondered if factors other than performance helped or hindered the careers of quarterbacks who were the chosen ones of past and present? I wonder. And, when I wonder, I do research. A historian who happens to be the relative of the late Eldridge Dickey, a man who could have been the first Black quarterback in the NFL, has a perspective of Dickey's story that he wants to share. He will be interviewed, April 23, 2010. Some preliminary ...

Oakland Raiders: We Love and Respect Both Young and Old

By Damali Ebun Foluke Binta YAEL On April - 9 - 2010
After reading " Military Service Credit for Federal Civilian Retirement" , I was reminded of the situation imposed on some NFL players during the era when America had a mandatory draft into the United States military. There were a few good men who had their careers interrupted in the NFL, causing a gap in their career length. This issue needs to be reexamined. This issue has affected a few Oakland Raiders who played professional football in the '60s. NFL football is a part of the fabric of America. It has been instrumental in helping America keep the morale of the people lifted during times of economic stress ...

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