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I don't know why this didn't occur to me earlier, but it just hit me this instant. I was messaging Stoker Mac (b/r's preeminent boxing authority), asking him about articles of his that have been deleted. I commented that I've had two pulled, both dealing with Rush Limbaugh. I happened to glance in the lower right corner of the Web page (all the way at the bottom, mind you) and saw the Fox logo. Then it hit me like a bolt of stupid lightning. Rupert Murdoch controls Fox. Rupert Murdoch is a staunch Republican. Taking a guess, I'd say he's probably a big fan of the ...
Before I joined Bleacher Report about two months ago, my discussions about sports were pretty tame. My friends and I pretty much take the same approach when it comes to sports. While we are fervent in our defense of our favorite teams and players (my friend Kyle and I have had some epic Montana vs. Marino debates), we also are able to discuss our favorite teams logically and rationally. But in my time on this site, I have encountered a different kind of fan—the kind of fan who doesn't respond to reason or logic. These people are the irrational fans. For the sake of ...

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