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Why Are We So Upset Over Tiger Woods’ Infidelity?

By Erik Bartlett On December - 3 - 2009
Why are we so upset over Tiger Woods' infidelity? Did he cheat on you? No. Has he cheated in tournaments? No, clean as a whistle. Is he the first or last person that will cheat on their spouse? Chances are some of you have committed such a sin. Maybe you grew up in a family, like my very own, where one parent's adultery led to a fractured divide between those involved and those immediately affected. According to the information provided, Woods has had numerous mistresses, including the now-infamous Rachel Uchitel who is undoubtedly using this moment to cement her 15 minutes ...

The Tragic Tale of Dwayne “Deejay” Hunter

By Erik Bartlett On September - 18 - 2009
We've all made mistakes, some small, and some egregious. That's part of growing up, right? Now imagine this. You've always excelled at something, in an area that makes a positive impact, not only to yourself, but to your entire community. You've had dreams of making something out of your life, to have an opportunity to pursue a higher education and the chance to compete at the highest level in your respective field. Then, because of one costly mistake, you witness all of that taken away from you. That's what happened to Dwayne "Deejay" Hunter, a 19 year old former football and ...

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