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The Sarah Phillips scandal continues to unfold, catching the media giant ESPN in the fray, but this is hardly the first time the worldwide leader has been caught in bizarre circumstances.For the uninitiated few that have no clue who Sarah Phillips is, or why she is the talk of the nation at the moment, I encourage you to take a minute and read through a fantastic piece by John Koblin at Deadspin.   Sarah Phillips At the heart of the heavily researched piece is the question that remains largely unanswered—was an ESPN employee scamming people out of money, Twitter followers and Facebook pages?In ...
With Notre Dame it's all about trust. I am about to step back on the Fighting Irish bandwagon and trust that they have learned from their past mistakes. The Pittsburgh Panthers are no pushovers. This is a game that Notre Dame could easily lose if they allow themselves to. The Irish can be a sloppy team, something we learned very early on in their loss to USF. That lackluster performance may have ruined the season, but Notre Dame holds out hope that a string of wins can offer some modicum of redemption. That is the only way they can build up that trust ...
These lines will not hold. Saturday gives us three games we should be suspicious of. Whether it be shoddy play on the side of the favorite, or a surging underdog, the spread will be covered in what should be some exciting games. You can never take anything for granted in college football. The next few selections are as close as you will come. We have dissected the matchups and come to the stark realization that the underdogs are not as bad as the lines would have you think. Don't be afraid to take a chance on some otherwise middling teams. The good people in ...

Eastern Michigan vs. Penn State: Spread and Predictions

By Gabe Zaldivar On September - 24 - 2011
The Eastern Michigan Eagles travel to Beaver Stadium to take on the Penn State Nittany Lions. A game that should be a cakewalk, but won't. They say that defense wins championships. Well, the Nittany Lions are just hoping that it wins a few more games. Or they hope it holds together long enough for their stagnant offense to catch up to their nationally-famed defense. Eastern Michigan should lose this game, but there certainly are ways for this one to become a scary affair for Penn State. Let's delve deeper into this Saturday clash.  Where: Beaver Stadium, Happy Valley, Pennsylvania When: Saturday, September 24, noon EST ...
The Georgia Bulldogs take on the Ole Miss Rebels in what will be a game only a fan could love. Both teams are on the wrong side of momentum, putting the cross hairs on their respective coaches.  Mark Richt and Houston Nutt have done such a bang up job at tearing these programs to smithereens in the last couple years that this game has a delightful moniker.  Media and fans have taken to call this the "Hot Seat Bowl." That means the losing coach inches closer to the axe. If only all college games could have these high stakes.  Let's delve deeper ...

Election Day: 25 Athletes Who Would Make Great Politicians

By Gabe Zaldivar On November - 1 - 2010
Election Day is tomorrow and many of you are weighing some pretty heavy decisions. Allow me to alleviate the grave nature our country is in with a light-hearted look at athletes and politics. Recent years have seen a vast decline in athletes willing to take up political arms during their careers. It is sad because so many of them would do so well.While only a minority of the following athletes have actual political aspirations all of them would do quite well at the voting booth. Begin Slideshow

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