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20 Sports Stars and Their Animated Alter Egos

By George Hariri On June - 14 - 2010
After Game 4, Nate Robinson compared his teammate Glen Davis and himself to Shrek and Donkey. This raised the question: What other athletes have animated alter egos? While most people may only know athletes by the number on their jersey, every athlete has a unique personality. Similarly, all animated characters are written to have a set personality and specific characteristics. Here are 20 Sports Stars and their Animated Alter EgosBegin Slideshow
Most professional employees must dress up everyday for work, shave, and look their overall best all the time. Athletes, on the other hand, have the freedom to look anyway they want, while still making millions of dollars. Some athletes take advantage of this freedom and choose to make themselves look ridiculous. The athletes with the Funniest Looking Facial Hair in Sports may think they look good, but they simply look ridiculous. Begin Slideshow
When people think of an athlete glamor and fame come to mind. They seem to forget the constant pressure athletes are under, their long hours, and the inconsistency in their lives. The negative aspects of athlete's lives are overshadowed by the vicarious lifestyle in which they live. This lifestyle is irresistible to the sexiest women on the planet. Athletes have a reputation of being able to get any girl imaginable. This could not be done without the sexiest women on this planet falling for their charm, good looks, and athletic ability. The sexy ladies are just as important as the ...

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