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LeBron James has been the victim of constant criticism and scrutiny during the NBA's offseason, and none of the negative sentiments have anything to do with his talents as a basketball player. After being condemned for the way he handled his departure from Cleveland, and statements made in the wake of that media disaster, James would probably love nothing more than to find refuge on the court. James has been punished for revealing a human side that some people find distasteful, and at times he has been victim to his own poor judgement. But none of that diminishes what James brings to the ...
I'm 34 years old, but when it comes to discussing the different tastes my children and I have in hip-hop music, I feel much, much older, and the disconnect between us can be frustrating at times. I came of age during a time when artists like Nas, the Notorious B.I.G., and Tupac ruled the airwaves and the public conscience of anyone who truly loved hip-hop. The message those artists conveyed in their music resonated in a way that today's artists fail to understand, or simply choose to ignore completely. Lil' Wayne, Drake, and Soulja Boy are three of my children's favorite hip-hop artists, ...

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