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Top 5 Best Known Current Spanish Athletes In The World

By Jon Sainz On February - 5 - 2011
OK for those who think Spain is near any South American country, it isn't. It's in Europe and borders France, Portugal and a lot of water.I live in northern Spain and I guess this was as good as an idea for a list as any other. I tried not to put more than one athlete per sport, even tough there are multiple athletes in multiple sports that are known worldwide.Begin Slideshow
Sorry if it bothers you, but since it wouldn't let me add a photo, so I had to make this a one-slide slideshow instead of an article.The quarterback takes the snap and rushes through the defense for a game winning touchdown.Now that weird, right?Well, when you do it with the snap over the shoulder of the center and walk for eight yards before you start running it kind of is.See the play on the following slide.Begin Slideshow
Victor Hanescu lost to Daniel Brands. This could be just another game recap, but Hanescu didn't just lose—he did it on purpose. Before the match ended, some German fans had to be expelled from the arena because they were drunk and verbally attacking Hanescu. Instead of ignoring them, as any other player would have, he confronted them spitting at them and saying "F*ck you" in a clear and loud voice. This cost him a warning. After winning the first and second sets, Hanescu started showing signs of pain in his knee and lost the following two. The match entered it's fifth and final ...
The Finals are over, and now the Lakers are NBA champions once again after a very close series. Before moving on to the next season, here are some of the celebrities that went to the Staples Center to watch this last game.Begin Slideshow
The Lakers won the sixth game, and the NBA champion will b decided in the seventh game. But before moving on, let's have a look at some of the celebrities who attended this game.Begin Slideshow
The French referee Stephane Lannoy didn't show any red cards to any player in the match between the Netherlands and Denmark. However, 36 women were expelled from the stadium by the authorities. This happened because they were wearing orange dresses. These dresses were part of a promotion by Bavaria. Bavaria is a Colombian beer company, and it isn't an official World Cup sponsor. "We were forced to climb the stairs, they were pushing us," said one of the girls. After being forced out of the stadium they were held in the FIFA headquarters for three hours and accused of covered publicity, which is illegal ...
The Celtics won the last game in The Olde Towne and the series is now moving to glamurous L.A. for the last two games (or just the one if the Celtics win it), but before that here are some celebrities that attended last night's game.Begin Slideshow
First it was Maradona, who said that he would walk naked around the obelisk in Buenos Aires (picture) if Argentina wins the World Cup. Then Luciana Salazar said she would accompany the Argentina coach. Hours after that, General Manager Bilardo said that if Argentina indeed wins, whoever scores in the final could have anal sex with him. At least some players took it as a joke. Tevez said "I'll score, but that's it", Veron could not "promise anything," and Mascherano was doubtful, asking, "It was a joke, right?" And that was just the beginning. Up to 10 Barra Bravas (Argentinian hooligans) have ...
Jack Nicholson attended the game but you already know that. Here are some other celebrities who also witnessed the Celtics' win.Begin Slideshow

Celebrities at the Roland Garros Final

By Jon Sainz On June - 6 - 2010
Rafael Nadal won his fifth Roland Garros and is one win away from Björn Borg's record. This win, which makes him the number one tennis player of the World possibly until December, was witnessed by many people, some of them famous. Here are some of those celebrities.Begin Slideshow

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