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Trick shots. Who doesn't like them? Trick shots wow us and make us watch video clips of them over and over again until we are sure what we saw was in fact real and not the work of a crafty computer nerd.Trick shots have made a legion of bored teenagers and young men into internet heroes for their mastery of the seemingly unmake-able. It is those shots and the creators of the trick shot that we celebrate with this look at the 20 best trick shots you'll find on YouTube.Now, I know there may videos out there readers prefer and/or ...
Jamie Edmondson is now new to the public eye. The 31-year-old model has been featured in numerous magazines spreads in addition to having various public careers. Whether it is magazine appearances, a career in sports or public service, Edmondson continues to capture attention for looking so fine at all of her numerous career stops.But now is as good of a time as any to look back at Edmondson and rediscover why she has been so popular.Begin Slideshow

The Hottest Fan Outfits In Sports

By Jon Star On August - 5 - 2010
Who doesn't like women in the summer time? For men, it is the few months of the year (at least for those of us in the north) when women finally let their outfits get skimpy and let their goods...ahem...hang out.  It is especially nice when we see these scantily clad women enjoying a sporting event. Put the two together and you will find the hottest fan outfits in sports.Begin Slideshow
Linda Hogan, also known as the ex-wife of former wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan, grabbed headlines today when she announced that will be getting married to her 21-year-old boyfriend. The news sent shockwaves to college-aged men all over the country who may dream of bagging an available, rich cougar.  Well, Hogan took herself off the market by announcing that next summer she will be getting married to a man 29 years younger than her. Hulk's response? "Hulk is very happy for Linda," his publicist told E! News, continuing to state that he, "wishes them both ...
Former Dallas Cowboys head coach and current FOX host Jimmy Johnson recently announced that he will join the new cast of CBS' long-running reality series "Survivor". Johnson's season will take place in Guatemala and reportedly not interfere with his current FOX schedule. Johnson has long been known for his boisterous and out-going personality which should fit very well on the show that demands unique characters (or caricatures).  While Johnson should be an entertaining choice nonetheless, there are still 25 other sports figures who could take Johnson's spot and bring much more to the show.Begin Slideshow
Tiger Woods made news during the winter for checking into a sex rehabilitation clinic in Mississippi. Now it appears one of his most (in)famous mistresses will be entering her own rehab. Rachel Uchitel will be one of the cast members on the new season of "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew".The biggest question is whether Uchitel will air further dirty laundry regarding her relationship with Tiger Woods while she spends a few weeks on VH1's rehab program. That alone could be enough to draw additional viewers to the show. Or, Uchitel's participation is simply another cash grab in her effort to ...
There are many factors weighing on LeBron James' mind when it comes to where he will sign and play for the next six seasons. The money is the same everywhere so throw that out. That leaves the extracurricular items for LeBron. The money making ventures, the advertising, the merchandising, the guest spots and everything else he can think of. Well, with Jay-Z being involved in the ownership of the one of the teams pursuing LeBron, it goes us thinking about the best music scenes in the cities pursuing the biggest free agent in NBA history. Begin Slideshow
Move over indeed Tony Romo. It appears the long time object of Cowboys fans' disdain is officially over the Dallas Cowboys quarterback. TMZ.com reported yesterday that the singer/actress is now involved with another (former) NFL figure. I'm sure many Cowboys fans, were relieved to hear the news that the woman they projected angst to is now locked up with another player. Will this one last? Could it compare to the sheer entertainment Jessica provided us with her past relationships?Begin Slideshow
Just days after Kim Kardashian was reportedly tied to one international superstar athlete, it appears the stunning socialite is now tied to another athlete, this one more local. Rumors broke this morning that Kardashian and Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Miles Austin, may now be an item. The rumors are still thin, but we already know that Kardashian has a thing for stars of the National Football League. This time, it appears Kim has the guy with the star on his helmet in her sights. Given her recent track record of dating athletes, is it fair to say she is ...
Nebraska's entrance into the Big 10 obviously generated a great amount of questions regarding the competitive nature of the conference. However, it also sparked another debate. Just who among Nebraska and the traditional Big 10 powers Ohio State and Michigan has the hottest fans? The inclusion of the Big Red gives the conference another national heavyweight on the gridiron, but do the Cornhuskers give the Buckeyes and Wolverines a run for their money when it comes to the ladies on campus? Begin Slideshow

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