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These are some of the highly subjective however intriguing issues with supporters having varying opinions on both sides of the aisle, so to speak. Having said that, these ought to be addressed in one way or another to avoid constroversies and complaints that so frequently arise. Pitch Surface No two pitches can be similar in characteristics and performance and this adds to the appeal and mystique of the game. Groundsmen have different preferred variations of methods which also contribute to unique properties of pitch. But perhaps an effort can be made to create a surface that would offer ...

Way Out Needed from the Mess Pakistan Cricket Is In

By Khalid Khan On September - 2 - 2009
It pains Pakistani Cricket lovers so much when they see and ponder the plight of their cricketing heroes and administration. Lack of discipline, responsibility, management, leadership and direction is pandemic. Blunders are made in board’s administration and team selection only to be repeated again and again on end without learning any lessons.Nothing on the horizon suggests that corrective measures are coming. If any action has been taken previously, if at all, then it is to shove the dirt under the rug or at best merely a quick-fix to get out of current quagmire only to hand reigns over to the future ...

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