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The Gender Debate: Not Just a Case for Caster Semenya

By Kieran Beckles On September - 18 - 2009
"Semenya is a hermaphrodite. She has male sex organs and no womb or ovaries.” These were the claims of the Sydney Daily Telegraph last Friday. A source closely involved in the gender testing of the South African athlete leaked the results to the paper. The source revealed that the results of the IAAF examinations showed that Semenya has internal testes, which produce testosterone. This has resulted in her testosterone levels being three times the normal amount in a female. These latest revelations have once again undermined the talented athlete's achievements. The indiscretion shown by the IAAF in the handling of the case has been appalling. ...
If nothing else, Caster Semenya has earned the respect of thousands of spectators this week. Showing amazing poise under the intense spotlight which has rightly or wrongly been glaring on her throughout the duration of these World Championships in Berlin. The newly-crowned 800m world champion has been the subject of increased speculation over her gender. After making headlines when she set a sensational time of 1:56:72 at the African Junior Championships in Mauritius. In doing so the 18-year-old had set the fastest time worldwide in the 800m this year, and prompted the International Association of Athletics Federation to demand the South African ...

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