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Maybe You Should’ve Been Out Having a Taco Bob Griese

By Matt Algarin On October - 24 - 2009
Apparently ESPN's Bob Griese forgot that during today's Ohio State and Minnesota broadcast there was a nationally televised audience actually listening to what he was saying. After an advertising spot for NASCARS race this Sunday, the top five drivers in the Sprint Cup Standing were displayed on the screen. Griese's partner, Chris Speilman, jokingly asked where Juan Pablo Montoya was on the list. Without skipping a beat, and laughing, Griese replied "He's out having a taco." Wow... I was shocked. Did he really just say that on national television? There seems to be an ever growing problem with broadcaster's and analysts spouting off ...

800 Meter Champion Has Male and Female Sex Organs

By Matt Algarin On September - 10 - 2009
In an article published by the Sydney Morning Herald, South African runner Caster Semenya has been said to have both male and female sex organs. The 18-year-old runner and recent gold medal winner has been under continuous scrutiny about her gender. While having undergone numerous examinations, including blood, chromosome, and gynecological tests, the Herald reported that she is technically a hermaphrodite. What is the next step? What is going to happen to Semenya? Is she going to be stripped of her medal from her 800m victory? Is she going to be punished? How will the IAAF handle this very delicate ...

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