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The audacity of MLB (and Man-Ram) to throw his 50-day suspension in our face as a token of MLB's efforts to "clean up" the game made me laugh my ass off. He and the front office of Major League Baseball have no concept of what it takes to truly clean up their sport. A 50-day suspension that includes a 10-day "re-hab" session in the Minors, just like any player that is truly injured and playing his way back into shape, is a ludicrous example of how minor MLB looks at the juicing issue. Forget that the Players Association has railroaded this ...
Have we reached the apex for paying for athletic skills? If what just happened in the MLB draft doesn't highlight that situation, maybe nothing in modern history can. A college undergrad pitcher, Stephen Strasburg, from San Diego State, may end up with a $50 million contract. 50 freaking million dollars! What has he accomplished? What value over the next two years will he produce? How many players make the big leagues in the first two years? Winning 20 games in the AAA leagues in front of around 5,000 fans per game is worth this much? Maybe this is just a microcosm of what ...

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