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Election day is upon us. For many, exercising our right to vote gives us new hope and new reason for optimism.Just like sports, elections bring about plenty of passion and drama that keeps many of us interested. Sometimes athletes become politicians or politics just inevitably become intertwined with sports. Whatever the case may be, there have been many times when the world of sports has collided with politics.Here are our 50 well-known connections between politics and sports.Begin Slideshow

Top 10 Athletes Who Played the Race Card

By Nathaniel Uy On October - 7 - 2010
At the beginning of this month, LeBron James made news once again, when he played the race card.When asked in a CNN "Primetime" interview why he was getting a lot of crap from everyone about The Decision, LeBron said that he believed that it had something to do with race.Obviously his comments weren't received warmly by many.  Way to go LeBron, that's another way to lose love and respect. But don't worry 'Bron, you're not alone, there have been others that felt it was a race thing.  Here are 10 athletes who have played the race card.Begin Slideshow

Ines Sainz and the 25 Sexiest Sports Controversies of the Decade

By Nathaniel Uy On September - 22 - 2010
According to reports, members of the Jets and coaching staff started acting in an immature manner when they saw Sainz in the locker room by blurting out cat calls and making sexually fueled remarks. What's worse is that some actually defended their actions and even put the blame on Sainz because her choice of dress can be considered too revealing. But the fallout from the Ines Sainz Jets locker room interview is not the biggest sex controversy in sports.There's been plenty more scandals that have gotten just as much attention. Here are some of sports sexiest controversies over the past decade.Begin Slideshow
Sports announcers bring games to life with their words, insight and personality. But what sometimes goes unnoticed is that they also play an important role in making big screen moments more believable and realistic. Imagine what some of your favorite movies would be like if they didn't have the added commentary and cameos from these guys. Here are 20 of the top appearances by sports announcers in movies... Begin Slideshow

The 10 Hottest Cheerleaders of All Time

By Nathaniel Uy On May - 23 - 2010
Cheerleaders are a misunderstood group, often stereotyped as being bubbly, pretty and dumb. True, the women on this list are beautiful but they have also shown they’re perfectly capable of doing other things besides cheer. Their talents include acting, dancing, singing and even wrestling. Here are 10 female celebrities that have proven that there’s nothing to be ashamed about their cheerleading past.Begin Slideshow
Athletes and Divas. Love them or hate them they have the uncanny ability to keep fans and haters fixated. Whether it's by watching them excel at their sport or succeed on stage. As some of these athletes and divas have come to know. When you're famous, between your professional and personal highs and lows -- everything's fair game. Here are ten athletes that are living parallel lives to ten music divas. Begin Slideshow

Ten NBA Youngsters and Their Celebrity Look-A-Likes

By Nathaniel Uy On May - 15 - 2010
Four teams are left in the 2010 NBA Playoffs. Between the Magic against the Celtics in the East, and the Lakers versus the Suns in the West, we know one thing for certain: a veteran-laden team will advance to the Finals. So let's lay off the vets and give the young guns a hard time. These ten promising youngsters with two years or less of NBA experience have already called it a season. Their futures remain bright and super stardom may await them in the future. While they watch the rest of the playoffs on TV, it's time to match ...

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