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It is every young boy’s dream to become a professional athlete when he gets older. For me, it was baseball. Baseball wasn’t merely a game or a sport that I idolized — it was a lifestyle and passion. My every thought, action, and breath involved the innocent bliss that baseball offered. I loved the sound of the bat connecting with the ball, the smell of the freshly cut grass, and the feel of lathering up a new baseball and getting ready to throw a pitch. Baseball was my paradise, my escape, and the foundation of my biggest dreams. At my elementary school graduation, we ...

Baseball: A Game for Fathers and Sons

By Nic Hallisey On June - 21 - 2009
Baseball truly is something special.   It’s more than a simple sport or even a game.   Baseball involves feelings and emotions, and in result, can create a special bond between a father and a son.   My dad didn’t introduce me to the beloved game. He didn’t pass down his trading cards or retell memories of players he saw while growing up.   No, my story is unique.   You see, my dad didn’t grow up loving the game that I do. He played little league, faked breaking his finger, and didn’t pick up a glove until more than two decades later.   The reason my story is so special is ...

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