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The 25 Hottest Brunettes In Sports

By Ray Tannock On April - 13 - 2010
Blonds or Brunettes? One of the oldest questions surrounding sexiness to this day, and when it comes to female athletes, it’s no different. But for the Brunettes, they compete in a realm that is almost completely dominated by their golden counterparts. Still it is the Brunettes that show that, they too, can also bring the heat. So move over Blond Bombshells, here come the Brown Beauties.Begin Slideshow
College football has always been a national pastime in America. Walk into any home broadcasting Penn State vs. Iowa or Notre Dame vs. Ohio State and you can quickly mistake the flair and exuberant cheers for any interdivisional pro matchup. Steelers-Browns, for example. But NCAA football has been slowly creeping up the ladder in exposure over the past two decades, at the expense of education. As coaching salaries increase, tuition rises for students, and state appropriations continue to fall, individual education budgets shrink, leaving us with a cloudy view of what’s really happening around the nation every time we flip on College ...

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