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What happened to Ben Wilson could have happened to anyone.The difference is that Wilson was the top high school basketball player in the country before he was shot and killed on Chicago's South Side in November 1984."Benji," the latest in ESPN Films' 30 for 30 series, painted a haunting picture of a young life, full of promise, cut short. It shows how fragile life is, whether you are a budding star on the basketball court or not.Here was a kid with a wealth of potential. Wilson was the pride of Chicago, and led Simeon Vocational High School to its first ...
Bobby Petrino has made a mockery out the Arkansas football program, but Jessica Dorrell shares equal blame.Dorrell, who was hired by Petrino as the student-athlete development coordinator last month, has since been revealed as his mistress who was involved in a motorcycle crash with him on April 1. The 25-year-old was also just placed on paid administrative leave after the details came out.Dorrell, like Petrino, was expected to be a model citizen for the University of Arkansas. She was a school employee with an obligation to the university. She was making over $55,000 (not to mention the $20,000 Petrino reportedly ...

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