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Every year, fans and writers bellyache over the MLB All-Star Game rosters. They complain that the teams are made up of fan favorites rather than rosters full of deserving league leaders.  I am here to say, stop it! Not only is this an issue each and every year, but it doesn't matter. The All-Star game serves the purpose of entertaining the fans. Period. After all, the fans are what this great sport is about. The rosters are determined by fan vote, manager selection, and some other variables such as the requirement to have at least one representative player from each team.  The voting process ...

WNBA: Ideas to Fix the Sport (Maybe)

By Sam McIntosh On May - 26 - 2010
I remember when I was a young boy and I wanted to go see the Houston Comets play. Why? I have no bleeping idea! I just remember my Dad wanted to watch a Scotland football (soccer) match and missed it to take the family out for a day with the Comets. What a disaster. Even at 12 years old I was bored and couldn't wait to leave the awkwardly empty arena. Nobody is interested in the WNBA; nobody I know, or you know or anybody knows. I can't understand how it has lasted this long. It is like JAG, who is watching this ...

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