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Lack of Class and Professionalism (Part II)

By Scott Kessler On June - 25 - 2010
    ^^Blogging needs more of him. Yet another blogger gets hired to join the professional sports world.  JasonB reported that Daniel Jeremiah was hired by the Eagles to join their scouting staff. But, as I discussed last week, that still doesn't give confidence to the blogging community as a whole that it is accepted. It may appear on the outside that portions of the blogging world are accepted but diving underneath the surface proves otherwise. This ability to be both used and ignored at the same time comes from a variety of reasons, but the main one is the inability to connect with a portion of ...

Lack of Class and Professionalism

By Scott Kessler On June - 23 - 2010
  ^^Blogging needs more of him. Read the full column here: http://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2010/5/18/1476069/heard-the-footsteps-column-i At first this part of my column was going to be about DeSean Jackson's recent media attention and his upcoming contract negotiations/discussions. However, as I began to write about the subject, I realized a better story, hiding under the surface. It's something that is discussed almost as an aside on this and other sites. It's not seen as a plague so much as an annoying pest. That, to me, is the problem with the situation.   The story hiding under a lot of "stories" in professional sports is the lack of professionalism by those who ...

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