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In a truly sad story for the NFL and everyone involved, Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Josh Brent has decided to retire from football and focus on getting his life together amidst a court case.  ESPN insider Adam Schefter had the news on Brent's decision Thursday via Twitter:  The retirement will allow Brent to focus on personal issues, namely, a trial for intoxication manslaughter. Back in December of 2012 he was driving a car with teammate Jerry Brown in the passenger seat. Brent had a blood-alcohol content that was, allegedly, 0.18, double the legal limit. The situation ended with Brown, a close friend of Brent, dead after a horrific crash. Additionally, he ...
And then they were four. The NFL playoffs continued this weekend and fans were treated to an exhilarating Divisional Round. The field of eight teams were cut down to just the final four. These are the best teams in the league and two of them will have a shot at the Super Bowl. This weekend, we saw blowouts, wild finishes, historic outings and crazy comebacks. Everything great about the NFL was manifested in these four games. But, in every game there were winners and losers and only the cream of the crop can live to continue the journey to New Orleans. Which teams are the best ...
The best way to show your support for your favorite team is by proudly displaying it. There is no better place to display support for that team than on your person. Every year millions of NFL fans flock to stores or the Internet to buy NFL apparel. Then every Sunday they suit up for the big game. This year is no different. If you don’t already have great apparel, you might be in the dark for great products. That is where I come into play. I have scoured the Internet for the coolest New England Patriots apparel ever so you won’t look like a ...
There is simply nothing like it. Sports fans, not just basketball fans, mark their calendar to watch the spectacle known as March Madness. This is the greatest month to watch college hoops from dusk to dawn, take “sick days”, fall in love with a team you didn’t know existed five days ago or just root for your favorite program. The excitement is unbearable. Sports fans like me across the country just can’t wait for Tuesday to come. Here are the top-10 reasons why I’m excited for this installment of a tradition unlike any other. Begin Slideshow

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