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Imagine for a second you're a young athlete, somewhere between the age of eight and 14. You are yet to play high school sports or get into one of the ever-competitive after-school boxing gyms that abound in urban neighborhoods throughout North America. It is likely that in today's day and age you are more concerned with playing "Call of Duty" or "Madden" on your XBox 360 or Playstation 3. If you're lucky you have an iPad, or at least an iPhone, that you use to bump your favorite hip-hop joints while playing said video game. If we're being real honest, the 8-to-14-year-old ...

The Gospel of Who Dat?!

By Will Osgood On February - 8 - 2010
The Gospel of Who Dat?!   “And they shall be called Saints.” If there were a book in the Bible, or anywhere, about the Who Dat Nation, likely it would either begin or end in such a manner.   But there is not. Instead, we are left as a people to interpret the Bible, specifically the Gospel, in given situations. And I strongly believe that what has happened in New Orleans, with the football team winning a Super Bowl Championship, is really parallel to the Gospel.   We all know the story by now. Sean Payton was brought in as head coach, and his first act ...

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