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10 Famous Fans We Wish Had Been Tased

By Jonathan Lopez On May - 16 - 2010
Nothing beats a nice relaxing trip to a sporting event. Whether it's a Yankee game in mid July, or a playoff game in Green Bay in December, fans come for the love of the game and to root for their favorite team. But there's always that guy. That one guy who probably had one or two too many. The guy who screams profanities right behind a nice family outing. The guy who heckles players and coaches by name. The guy, who apparently, knows what the team should have done or what they're not doing. Then there's the celebrity fans that get the best seats and make a living out of being the No. 1 fan. We've seen them on TV 10,000 times. No more, we're begging! Well, for all the real fans out there who can boo but not obnoxiously, the fans that can cheer while being sober, the true sport fans, this is for you, The Top 10 Fans That Should Have Been Tased. Enjoy!

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