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10 Most Financially Irresponsible Footballers of All Time

By Mohamed Al-Hendy On March - 8 - 2012

Footballers make a lot of money.

What they do with that money, however, varies greatly from one player to another.

Some footballers go on to do remarkable things with the salaries they receive, such as opening charities, helping fund health and education programs, and making a change in the world.

Other footballers are less noble, choosing to spend their money on more materialistic goods, such as starting up their own personal car collection.

We're not here to judge who's spending his money the right way or the wrong way. However, there are footballers who, for various reasons, badly mishandle their finances to the point that they're in serious financial trouble at the end of their respective careers.

Those guys, we're less inclined to feel sorry for, and so we're here to name and shame the 10 most financially irresponsible footballers of all time.

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