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Over the past two weeks I've read several articles about the World Cup. Surprisingly, a lot of the articles have had settings in bars and watching fan reactions to the games.

Since this year's World Cup is in Johannesburg, South Africa, all of Team USA's matches have been in the morning hours. This hasn't stopped bars from opening up at 9:00 AM or so to cash in on folks skipping work to catch a game.

Of course, since you're at a bar and watching sports, why not have a beer, or two, or several?

I'm not passing judgment, but to me that seems a bit early to be knocking a few cold ones back.

Now, I love me some beer, but the thought of drinking one before lunch almost makes my stomach turn. It also speaks to our country's need to drink while watching sports.

Think about it for a second. A lot of us go to bars to watch sporting events we could easily watch at home. We go out to be in an atmosphere and to have a couple of drinks with friends.

When we go to the stadium to see a game live, many of us buy a ton of beer, even though they cost eight to 10 dollars a pop.

Just a few weeks ago several of my friends and I gathered at a Washingto...

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