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If you win an important tournament in any kind of sport, you will get paid.

The World Cup is no different, and every national team has already settled how much they will win, depending on performance.

Soccer is a team game, but the money they decided will be payed to each player, not to the whole team.

If the are victorious, the Englishmen would be the third best paid (€475,000) following the Argentinians (€510,000). But the country that pays best for a win is Spain (€600,000).

France is the only team that comes close to this group (€390,000), while the last two champion are far away (Italy, €240,000; Brazil, €180,000)

This payment would be more than double of what they got for winning the Euro Cup (€250,000) and makes them the highest paid of the 32 teams, in case of winning.

They would only be paid if they get to the quarterfinals, or further. €60,000 for the quarterfinals, €90,000 for the semifinals, €120,000 for playing the final, and €600,000 for winning it, is what every Spanish national team player would get.

This has outraged most of Spain's political world and ...

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