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The 2010 Laureus World Sports Awards are officially in the book.

Host Kevin Spacey opened the evening’s festivities with a bit of a grind, but hinted the real talent of an exceptional performer is the ability to fight through the ho-hums and keep going until the crowd is yours.

The two-time Oscar winner peppered impressions of famous characters throughout the evening and, by the end, had the audience in his hand.

His Morgan Freeman was all right; he cranked it up with Johnny Carson; pulled everyone’s ace in Christopher Walken; tossed in a little William Shatner;  broke out Katherine Hepburn; wowed ‘em with Michael Caine;, and got Jimmy Stewart pretty cold.

But the real hit was William Jefferson Clinton—not because it was the best, but because Slick Willy was the most international flavor of the shtick (with the possible exception of Caine).

Flesh-and-blood celebs popped in to confer trophies upon the winners and various important figures from the Abu Dhabi royal family took in the show.

The evening also featured a performance by Mika?

This had me a little confused because “Mika” is a Britis...

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