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Thanksgiving week is a time to be thankful for things that God has given us. I spent the week with family and trying my best to keep up on all the football and basketball.

Beyond the turkey and other great food, my family and I enjoyed internet radio calls of football and basketball from Thursday till Saturday; that is, except for the broadcasts I couldn't receive thanks to some NFL and college roadblocks.

Due to the economic crisis I have had to make sacrifices since July; one of the first was my dish tv. In this part of the country that left me with NBC and the internet to get my fix of sports news. I have no problem in finding sports news, but internet radio broadcasts are hard to find.

Let's start with the NFL. If you go to NFL.com and want radio calls, right off the bat you have to pay a monthly subscription. The price tag for the year is a little over $20.00.  You might say why complain about that. Well, I have 2 reasons why I complain.

First, go to NHL.com and NBA.com. All you have to do is sign up for a free account on both sites and you get free internet radio broadcasts for all the games. How does the NFL justify charging when two of...

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