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As a writer, I often feel a bit disingenuous taking credit for my stories. All too often a story that I didn't even know was inside of me seems to flow out of my very being.

Readers occasionally applaud me for what I've written and I am truly humbled. I rarely see the work as a product of my talent, but more as me being the mouthpiece of a far Greater Being.

Don't shoot the messenger, but don't praise him either.

I am the scribe and He is the author.

This story is no different. 

Yesterday, I was brought to Jimmy Scott's High and Tight Web site. I can truly tell you that despite the fact that I have been writing sports for some time now and have visited hundreds of sites, I'd never visited Jimmy Scott's popular and well respected site.

I'm now a fan.

As expected, I was guided to the site with a purpose. An article that Jimmy Scott had written took me by the hand and grabbed my attention. 

The article was about a children's book called, "A Glove of The...

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