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A Guide To Various (Confusing) Sports

By Jardine Patten On May - 27 - 2010

Recently I read an article here on B/R about the 'Top 15 Most Successful Streakers in Sports History' , and eventually I left a comment. My comment wasn't about the quality of the article, or the fact that I found the article rather amusing.

The comment I felt I needed to leave was a statement that I could not believe that the writer made no effort to distinguish two sports that are played in Australia.

The writer noted that the video entry at number five was from a "Rugby game". Whilst he got the picture accompanying the entry right, in that it was from a "Rugby game," he did not notice the minute details in the video that clearly showed that it was a different sport.

I find this to be common among many North American writers, as they tend to focus on sports mainly originating from the United States, or at the very least...soccer.

So let us begin a guide for those North American writers; English writers who may not understand the finer points of "Gridiron;" or anyone else willing to enjoy a detailed read on the differences between many sports that...

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