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A Serious Look at Tiger Woods Scandal…Sort Of

By Greg Riot On December - 18 - 2009

Why Pay Attention to the Tiger Woods Scandal?  Because It’s Important!

All joking aside, the Tiger Wood scandal actually might be the most important single event in sports to happen in maybe this decade.

Sure, in sports a lot of great things, and bad things have happened this past decade, but the Tiger Woods scandal may transcend all of those things.  Why?  Because unlike the steroid scandal in baseball, unlike Michael Jordan’s issues in the 1990’s, Tiger is a single player, a single entity that controlled, and still in a way controls, a lot of money and therefore a lot of jobs.

Lest we forget, Woods, the persona, not the man, accounts for billions upon billions of untold revenue, or, at least, that’s the understanding.  Jordan did the same in the 1990’s, but Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls, an organization that was part of a much larger organization, the NBA. Woods?  Yes, he plays on the PGA Tour, but the man plays for himself. 

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