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In Reston, VA, while I did my writing about educational issues, I decided to watch a movie in the hotel room.

I chose My Sister's Keeper . It was touching and, as usual, I saw something that made me think about the Oakland Raiders.

The idea of "letting go" is what the movie was depicting. How long do you have hope?

When do you let go, if it is clear that struggling for life has reached a mark beyond which there is not a good solution.

In the movie, a mother held on to a daughter who was dying of cancer. The mother often used the body of a younger daughter (blood, bone marrow, etc) to help sustain and extend the life of the older daughter.

It was a complicated situation, for no mother in her right mind wants to give up hope on her child.

Oakland has a problem, and when writers and bloggers say that the team has no motivation and does not care, then, to me, the team is getting ready to die.

It almost seems that things are the way they are because the Raider organization has some "dying elements" in it, and, f...

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