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For the past two days I was involved in a debate about the fine handed to Roger Federer for his antics at the U.S. Open. My stance was, and still is: he used foul language, so what?

Did he pull a Ron Artest? A Michael Vick? Dante Stallworth? Anything remotely similar?

Did he hurt anyone? No.

He simply had a mouth with which a man should not kiss his mother.

Is he the only person to display his or her "potty mouth" while the cameras were rolling? No.

The author of the Federer article, along with another reader, decided that I was naive because I claimed that athletes and other celebrities are too often placed upon a pedestal and idolized. I don't hero worship.

Charles Barkley has said and done a lot of stupid things in his life, but he did say something with which I agree: kids should not make athletes their role models.

Role models should be real people. Why idolize celluloid individuals or men and women you have never met in your life?

Role models should begin in the home, or be someone you know on a personal level.

I played sports throughout my life. Did I want to be like Michael Jordan, Hank Aaron, Parker...

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