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Athletes and the Price of Twitter: Fools Rush in To Tweet

By Matt Goldberg On January - 30 - 2011

In just the last seven days, the Super Bowl participants have been decided, tennis has crowned its first major champions of 2011 and the All-Star teams have been chosen in the NBA and the NHL.

That’s just a lightning-quick survey of five of the many sports that fans are passionate about.

Concurrent with this, much of the sports news has been generated by tweets hammered out by the likes of current and former NFL players and, yes, a certain tennis mom.

Most of these tweets have shared the following qualities: They are mean-spirited, clueless, and unfortunate.

Such rantings from the Twittersphere (a largely parallel universe for this writer) have brought to mind a famous quote that has been attributed to both Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain, and perhaps others (none of them professional jocks):

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.

Permit me a step back, if not a retweet.

We live in an amazing age where literally everything appears to be at ...

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