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Not enough people these days appreciate or understand the simplicities in life we take for granted.

For instance, wasting litres upon litres of water in the shower fit for drinking that without you would die. Or throwing soda cans in parks, where a child could step on and cut their foot. Most people forget these simplicities, and the one that bothers me most recently is the assumption that professional athletes are to be model darlings fit for God's highchair.

Professional sport is entertainment, it is also good exercise for us regular joes, but for the men and women who are paid millions to play a game, it is almost an art form. Not every individual can slam dunk on a whim, or hit a home run every 10 at bats. No, these people are indeed special, talented, and hard working individuals. call it what you will, they can do what most can only dream of, and for that they are paid their money.

The biggest reason sports stars make so much more money now than say, fifty years ago, is because of marketing and advanced media outlets.

Fifty years ago, not everyone had a television. The televisions themselves were often smaller, and the resolution was not so gre...

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