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Athletes Being Bad: Why Do You Care?

By Pacifica Slug On March - 11 - 2010

Another gridiron hero fallen from grace, plastered on evening "news" shows and fodder for prime time sports engines.  Is he really a hero?  Is he something that should garner national news attention?

Why are people so interested in someone they most likely don't know or have the remote chance of meeting?  Why must our nightly sports talk shows and nightly highlight reel cinemas be invaded by news of some college town where some QB was accused of something?  In short, why do you care?

Isn't this a personal matter for the people involved?  I know, naive of me to think that my sports shows should contain, you know, sports.  Sex sells, even when it might not be consensual.  Nothing like a teaser filled with promises of a photo of the 20-year-old that accused Roethlisberger of sexual assault to sell those male enhancement products or weight loss supplements.  I suppose we live vicariously through these people and therefore need any information about them to continue the fantasy.  By the way, nothing has been proven to be true, so why is this even a story at this point?

But why is it deemed acceptable to mix this typ...

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