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Attention Gold-Diggers: The False Rape Accusations Must Stop

By Andrew Nuschler On August - 8 - 2009

Do you know what I did this morning?

I spent an hour or so reading about the 1991 Mike Tyson rape case.

Why would some jackass waste a Saturday morning reading about a violently heinous crime almost 20 years old?

Because of Kobe Bryant and that starlet snow bunny in Colorado.  Because of the two strippers and the Duke Lacrosse team. Because of Ben Roethlisberger and Andrea McNulty.

And because Tyson's volatile life was derailed by the conviction for his crime and subsequent prison sentence.

What if, as Alan Dershowitz later claimed, Iron Mike was innocent?

What if he went to prison for being a savage, unsympathetic character in a less sexually honest moment in history? One where nobody wanted to admit an 18-year-old girl might be sexually savvy, especially a good Christian one?

What if the trainwrecked boxer was simply guilty of the wrong reputation at the wrong time?

This is what it's come to for me and I wonder how long it takes, how many more of these wayward amorous encounters before the rest of the Ame...

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