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If you were to poll 100 people at random about whether or not they had played at least one sport in their childhood—more than likely you would be met with an overwhelming “Yes.”

However, take it one question further—of course with their permission—and ask them why it was that they decided to play sports: Several individuals are certain to respond:

“Because my parents made me.”

It’s an unethical practice that too many families use with their children: Choosing for them, often times before they are able to make a decision themselves.

“Little Jimmy is gonna be a big pro basketball star!”

Oh, is he?

Are memories of failing to make the High School Varsity team haunting you, forcing these lofty expectations upon your child so as to see your glory through? Did Jimmy even tell you that he wants to be a “baller?”

Wait...he can’t talk yet.

Worse yet, the topic is consistently swept under the rug, seemingly “never” ready to be pulled out for a healthy discussion. No doubt, a large part of the problem is societal.

ESPN (among other...

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