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I was reading an article earlier today that mentioned John Kruk.  What a corporate shill he has become.  May as well put Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse ears on his head.  I'm ashamed he's a fellow West Virginian.  Call me the John Kruk Dixie Chick.

He used to be cool.  Many of you are familiar with this story.  I've heard two different versions. 

The original, and more believable, was that a lady was with her kids and saw Kruk walking through a stadium corridor, in uniform, smoking a cigarette.

She said something like, "I can't believe a professional athlete is smoking!"

Kruk's response, "Lady, I ain't an athlete.  I'm a ball player."

He later wrote a book that claimed the lady recognized him in a restaurant and said the same thing.  Like any woman would recognize John Kruk.  

Listen up, kiddie corp...the pre-steroid era was not like this.  All the way back.  All through baseball history there have been guys who've gone against the grain.

Who knows?  Maybe you like the stale post-game interview where the guy who hit four homers gives all of the credit to the team's pi...

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