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BCS Bowls: Beer Lover’s Guide to Every Game

By Josh Greller On December - 5 - 2011

The first weekend of December brought much gridiron drama and excitement. Houston was upended in their quest for a BCS bowl, while Oklahoma State was left out of the championship game.

With plenty of resources on the Internet analyzing the five BCS games, I’ve decided to offer something extra.

I love football, and much of the reason is because of beer. The two just make sense together. Of course, the game itself holds great influence over me and is a crucial component to my writing platform.

Having a good beer selection during games just incentivizes the whole experience.

In this slideshow, I will include local beers from each school’s hometown as part of the football discussion.

In a few cases, breweries from nearby cities are sampled in lieu of some schools not having one within their borders.

So grab your favorite pint glass, and get ready to enjoy football the way it’s meant to be. Year-round flagship beers, wintry seasonal offerings and everything in between are included.

This is the beer lover’s guide to every BCS game.

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