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BCS Computer, Benny, Gives Up Anonymity, Reveals All

By Tom Baer On November - 25 - 2010

Since the inception of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) in 1998, only MIT graduates and savants (aka "Rain Men") have possessed the mental acuity necessary to comprehend the BCS' many nuances.

What about the average Lay-Z-Boy-sitting, pretzel-eating, ripped-jersey-wearing college football fan? How is it possible for he or she to understand the most nefarious mathematical formula since E=MC2?

Benny, that's how.

The nation's top-rated BCS computer, Benny, recently decided to open his hard drive and banter, on the record, about what critics often call the most muddled ranking system in sports.

Below is the exclusive interview, verbatim, conducted by this very fortunate B/R featured columnist.

Tom Baer: Benny, please explain how you determine a team's BCS ranking.

Benny: First, I factor in a school's record, conference and strength of schedule. From there, I look at the head coach's hair style, the "loveability" of the mascot, the coolness of the helmet(s) and uniform(s), the quarterback's GPA, the cheerleaders' skirt lengt...

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