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Being A Fan In October

By Eric Myer Mustin On October - 5 - 2009

Damn it feels good to be a sports fan in October!  It’s got that not quite fall, dregs of summer weather going, and even on the days when it’s cold at least you’re glad to be wearing a sweater again.  Then at night it settles down into this cool no breeze atmosphere where everyone is drinking shouting running around screaming: Let’s go Let’s go Let’s go!  That’s a sports fan’s October in a sentence.

It should come as no surprise that I’m writing this in October.  My football teams are winning, my baseball team is in the playoffs, my fantasy football team is undefeated, and the rest is gravy. Even when some of the teams lose, which they will, at least in October you can always say: We’ll get em next time.  There’s always a next time in October.  Because what is a sports fan besides potential?  It’s the anticipation of success that hooks us.

Maybe the winter kills it.  There are 29 major league baseball teams who have zero fans by the second week of November.  By December, Vegas has their spreads figured out for the NFL.  By the second week of January nobody talks about the BCS.  By the second week of February nobody cares about any...

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